Voice Acting – IYBMB2018003

San Diego Comic Con is happening this week and one of the panels that always draws a crowd are the Voice Acting Panels. It may seem strange to some for people to follow actors who typically are seen but it has become it’s own entity.


So in this Mini-Break we go over Voice Acting or Voice Over with one of our previous guests, James Arnold Taylor.


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Kory Caudill Kentucky’s Piano Man – IYB2016005

What do the “Piano Man” Billy Joel, Elton John, Bruce Hornsby, and Yanni have in common?

They are pianists, is likely your answer, but that is not the answer we are looking for. Actually, they are all influential musicians that had a major impact on our guest, “Kentucky’s Piano Man” Kory Caudill.

Take a break and discover Kory Caudill.

“This episode is Rated C for Clean”

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