How An Author Dealing With Anxiety And Panic Attacks Lead To Her Writing A Book – IYB S3E5

In this episode of It’s Your Break, we’re going to deep dive into the emotion of everything surrounding your own emotions, anxieties, and even your despair. All of these things can lead to panic attacks which are hard to handle and overcome but with the right methods, they can be managed.

I have struggled with panic attacks and anxiety throughout my life, as many of you may have. But this episode doesn’t revolve around my experiences, it focuses on an author that was inspired to write a book because of her own life trauma, experiences, stresses, and anxieties.

Author and Anxiety Sufferer Jennifer Juvenelle openly shares her life stories that caused her own anxieties that ultimately lead to her writing ‘Daughter of Belial’.

So listen or watch as we deep dive into the emotional side of things.

– Jonathan Mertz

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