AWB – Cooking With Bubba S1E2

Bubba and Junior take on cooking one of the classic southern dishes, Chili!

See the actual recipe below!

Here is Bubba’s Chili Recipe! This is a real recipe and not a Joke.

!!!!WARNING!!!! This Recipe is best used for parties or large families! It makes a lot of Chili!

A 10 Quart to 12 Quart Stock Pot Is Need For This Recipe


4 -6 oz Of Chili Powder (Our Preference Is Bloemer’s – Note: their packets come in 1 oz portions)

2 oz of Olive Oil or Vegetable Oil

1lb Hamburger – Thawed

1 lb Country Sausage Medium Or Hot (Our Preference Is Purnell’s “Old Folks”) – Thawed

2 Medium Size Onions Chopped To Desired Size ( We Prefer Yellow Onions)

3 Large Cloves Of Garlic Chopped To Desired Size

2 Cans Of Kidney Beans (12 Or 15 oz Cans)

2 Cans Of Diced Tomatoes (28 oz Cans – Our Preference Is Red Gold)

2 Cans Of Crushed Tomatoes (28 oz Cans – Our Preference Is Red Gold)

2 Cans Of Tomato Juice (46 oz Cans – Our Preference Is Red Gold)

Optional Ingredients:

1 – 2 Cans Of Ro-tel (10 oz Cans)

Spaghetti Noodles (About big grips full or about half to two thirds of a 16 oz box of spaghetti noodles )

Cooking Instructions:

Put the stock pot on the burner and set the burner to medium high.

Next add the Olive or Vegetable Oil, followed by the onions and garlic.

Saute the onions and garlic until the onions are lightly brown and semi transparent

Next add the hamburger and sausage to the pot and cook until they are browned.

Once browned add the chili powder to the pot and stir into the mix.

Now add the kidney beans and stir in.

Next add the first can of diced tomatoes and stir in. Stir for a minute or two and then add the next can.

If you have decided to add a little extra spice by choosing to go with the Ro-tel option, then this is the time you would add those cans.

Next add the first can of crushed tomatoes and stir them in. Then add the second can.

Now add the first can of tomato juice and then stir in. Then add the second can.

At this point we want to bring the mix up to a boil for about two minutes, continually stirring, so that the ingredients don’t stick to the bottom of the pan.

After the two minute boil, then the heat turn down and bring everything to a simmer. Cook at a simmer for 30-60 minutes, stirring frequently.

If you chose to add the spaghetti noodles then you can go ahead and add the dried noodles to the mix, if they are wheat or flour noodles. If you are not using a wheat or flour spaghetti noodle then you will want to cook it separately and follow the instructions on its packaging.

If you want to use rice (like bubba mentioned in this episode as another option) then you will want to cook that separately as well.

Once the chili has simmered for the desired period then add it to a serving bowl and enjoy! But remember to cool it down, so that it will not scald your mouth.