Art – IYB2015018


In This episode of we take in the appreciation of art as an adult. And if you are like a lot of adults across the country who are rediscovering it through social outings called SIP ‘N” PAINT, then this show is for you. And if you are just finding out about this or want to know more this is for you too.

We enlist the help of Artist Sandra Sabene


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Karith Foster – IYB2015014

In this episode we talk to comedian and diversity expert Karith Foster about her comedy and diversity (as if her introduction didn’t give it away). This is the second time a comedian has been on our show and our conversations take a serious turn while at the same time having very humorist moments.

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Kristin Key – IYB2015013

We give this episode a rating of PG-13 due to language.

In this episode we talk to comedian Kristin Key about her comedy, her experiences on NBC’s Last Comic Standing and her decision of opening up about her sexuality. This is the most serious conversation we have ever had with a comedian.
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Deliver Service Now – IYB2015012

We hopefully give you some great business advice from the Deliver Service Now Institute in the episode. All content about Deliver Service Now comes from the CEO Vance Morris. We have not tried his methods nor are we endorsing them.

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